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4 questions to ask yourself before designing a t-shirt

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You want to create a t-shirt design. you are right: the t-shirts are real white canvases where you can express your talent.

Geeks love them, just like lovers of messages with revolutionary fiber, personalized models are on the rise, they are displayed for marketing operations ... In short, there is necessarily something to do in this area.

But "something" does not mean "anything". Ask yourself the following questions before you even think about putting any design on textile support.

Why do you want to do it?

You have read the introduction carefully (if not, try again) and you have noticed that there are many cases in which you could get started in the creation of the textile design.

But you, you specifically, why did you decide to get started? What do you expect from this project, what is your goal in starting it?

If it's just to amuse your buddies, a small screen print set or an order from a custom t-shirt supplier might do the trick.

If you intend to sell or create them for your business, the process will not be quite the same. At all levels. Think about it.

Who are you targeting these t-shirts for? 


A t-shirt is a communication medium.

It is also an outfit that can be worn from 6 months to 70 years old.

Beyond the size of the garment, what you will display on it may not quite present the same message depending on the target audience. You will not be able to afford certain types of drawing for a younger audience. And if your target is 50, they may not like quite the same designs as teens.

In short, before you start drawing, you need to know who you're doing it for, especially for a commercial purpose.

Is there a market for my creations?

This question, that of market research, is both very precise and very random.

You will be able to interview thousands of people on the street, study what is sold in stores and follow all the useful recommendations, but you will not get a guaranteed result.
And, conversely, there are success stories of t-shirts that sold when no one expected them.
At best, you can already verify that no one has ever had the same idea as you. You will thus avoid wasting your energy on this particular project (but it may be better to mount another!)

Do you have the necessary skills?

In the design of a t-shirt, it's not just the design. You must also take into account the textile printing technique, the choice of fabric, even the shape of the t-shirt, the sewing ... Are you trained in all these questions?

Especially since you may need to go even further, think about logistics, stock, shipping, online orders or in physical stores. Then promotion, communication…

If your goal is commercial, your process may not stop just drawing a drawing that will be reproduced on a garment. There are certain sites that relieve you of all the other parts. But you can also decide that it will be more profitable to manage them by yourself. And it’s a choice you’ll want to look into quickly.

Deciding on the design of a t-shirt means going a little further than the drawing stage, you understand that now. You will have to ask yourself the same questions regardless of the medium on which you will decide to work, especially if it is brought to be worn by others.

But asking the questions is already working to find the answers, right? 

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