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The incredible story of Elon Musk, bullied at school before becoming one of the most interesting people in tech

Elon Musk

Is there something Elon Musk can't do?

At 45 years old, he never stops talking about him. His tweets, the many companies he heads (Space X, Tesla Motors, The Boring Company ...), and his insane and ambitious bets ... All of this adds up to a global but imprecise image of the entrepreneur. However, the most striking feature of this engineer is his ambition to advance humanity. Trendythink looks back on 5 projects illustrating this desire.

 So ... Who is Elon Musk? (in 5 projects)

 1. The premises, Zip2 and Paypal:

First, he co-founded * online content publishing software. Sold for $ 307 million, it connected newspaper readers to local businesses. It also allowed them to communicate via fax. Then, in 2000, Musk embarked on the Paypal ship following a merger with, the online bank he had founded. The aim of the company is then to offer an electronic means of payment without communicating its bank details. Today, the system is widely recognized as the safest online payment method. Sold to eBay for 1.5 billion dollars in 2002, it allowed Elon Musk to build up a comfortable financial mattress before investing fully in his revolutionary projects.

* Alongside his brother Kimbal and their friend Greg Kouri.

2.  Conquering Mars with SpaceX 

In 2002, the entrepreneur launched himself headlong into projects as promising as they were improbable. "From Paypal, I thought: what are the other problems that could affect the future of humanity? He explains thus. His answer: space exploration. With Space Exploration Technologies, first of all, he aims to send humans to Mars. But also to be the first to offer the means to colonize the red planet. To do this, he works on the production of reusable first-stage space launch vehicles. This, in order to reduce the costs of launches, and therefore the costs of space exploration. A project criticized at its beginnings, however, repeated successes such as that of the Falcon 9 rocket in October 2017 helped Musk to convince of the seriousness of his approach until worrying about the Russian space agency Roscomos. 

3. The Tesla Motors rescue 

At the same time, in 2004, he entered the arena of automobile manufacturers. Tesla Motors, founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tapenning, is in trouble when it takes an interest and injects an initial investment of $ 6.3 million. Its aim: to democratize ecological and connected means of transport. But for that, three objectives must be achieved. First, design an electric, high-tech sports car. Then, compete with spawns such as BMW or Mercedes. Finally, produce hundreds of thousands of low-cost electric vehicles for the general public. The US government’s $ 465 million loans to produce its Tesla Model S has helped it grow and reach a market capitalization higher than that of General Motors. However, the manufacturer's low level of production makes the future of the company precarious. Nothing that could discourage Elon Musk who has been sleeping and living for a few months on his production site in order to respect his production deadlines.

4.  Revolutionize means of transport with The Boring Company  

As if Tesla and SpaceX weren't enough, Musk has expressed interest in developing the 5th mode of travel **. It is a capsule moving in a depressurized tunnel and making it possible to reach a speed of 1000 km / h. Hyperloop is said to be low cost, immune to weather effects, and super fast. The entrepreneur, therefore, created The Boring Company in order to develop not only the tunnels but all the technology supporting the Hyperloop project. Always more visionary, it also offers platforms with wheels, equipped with an electric motor and capable of transporting cars, cargo, and people at 200 km / h. When will it stop?

** the 4 others being the plane, the train, the automobile, and the boat.

5. Share the benefits of Artificial Intelligence with Open AI  
Known for his recurring warnings about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk often alerts the high-tech community with his media hype. Accompanying the gesture to the word, our visionary entrepreneur founded alongside Sam Altman (founder of Y Combinator: start-up finance company) a non-profit research association in the field. The idea is to build "healthy" Artificial Intelligence while ensuring that the benefits of AI are distributed globally and fairly. Joined by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of Linkedin, the project is supported by a billion-dollar budget. He is, moreover, is closely watched by Bill Gates, for example, who shares Musk's alarmist vision.

Tesla Elon Musk

Beyond his eccentricity, his crazy demands, or his ability to promise the impossible, Elon Musk stands out not only by his high value-added projects but also for his desire to advance global innovation, and therefore humanity. You do not believe in it ? Know that he released Tesla's patents in 2014 to advance the community of innovators and drive his company to constantly innovate. A gesture that says more than his few tweets.


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